Luke Power - Candidate Ref: 1621985

Design Concept Mobile & Web


The Web is where the archive currently resides. It is broken down into collections that contain individual items for users to access and look at. Within this concept, the premise would remain the same however the web site would be updated to fit into the GEL guidelines and be brought more into line with the current BBC site to reaffirm the brand. In addition to this redesign, social media, favouriting and recommendations would be incorporated into the viewing experience so that users could spend more time on the site and delve as deep as they like.

With the incorporation of BBC ID on the three platforms of web, IPTV and mobile/tablets, a user would be able to build a rich resource that they could access anywhere. Incorporating these features would help promote the archive in a subtle way as users would promote videos that they like and thus the archive content could spread virally which could drive further traffic to the archive site.

Below you will find a three screenshots that show how the Archive may look on the web

Design Concept - Web Home Page Design Concept - Browse Collections Design Concept - Open Collection

Mobile/Tablet Devices

I think this platform has enormous potential especially with the popularity of the iPhone and iPad. The use of touch screen devices would enable users to engage with content in a different way than in the other three platforms. Users would be able to touch, expand and slide content around.

The format would still remain the same i.e. items collated together into collections, the difference here would be the way that users interact and engage, as they would be able to receive further content from other sources and see the context and time period that the content was produced in.

Again the use of social media, favouriting and recommendations would enable users to build a comprehensive library of content that they could pass around to friends and family and not be restricted by the platform.

This platform also has a second feature, which is the portability of the devices, which means that users could interact with the physical side of the design concept through their phones and utilise location-based technologies to develop their understanding and experiences further.

Below you will find a three screenshots that show how the Archive may look on an iPad

Design Concept - iPad Home Page Design Concept - iPad Browse Collections Design Concept - iPad Open Collection