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Formed in 1985, Acabus has been transporting people from A to B for over 25 years. Below follows the brief history of our company.

1985 - Following the 1985 Transport Act, Acabus was set up following the privatisation of the local bus company. With a handful of vehicles and loyal staff, Acabus introduced a popular route that serviced the major areas of the city. This became Service No. 104.

1986 - After a year of operating as Acabus, demand on the service 104 was such that we introudced two new routes and reduced the area that the No. 104 served. These two new routes became services No. 18 and 19. With the introduction on these new routes, new vehicles using the latest designs and technology were acquired along with new staff to drive these new vehicles

1991 - Five years on and Acabus is doing well even resisting numerous take over offers from bigger bus companies. This is down to loyal staff and customers banding together to highlight the good work of Acabus. This period also sees a further expansion to the companies' fleet of vehicles with some older vehicles being retired and donated to local museums for preservation. Acabus also starts to become renowned for its service and innovation in the delivery of that service.

1995 - Acabus celebrates its 10 year anniversary serving the general public.

1996 - With some notable rival companies folding, Acabus fills the void by taking on the responsibility of the routes, of these routes service No. 2 is added to the roster. Further staff are recruited to supply demand.

2001 - The latest route is added to the Acabus service roster. Service. No 37 aims to help transport customers to the outer areas of the city, link with the city centre and provide access to new residents. This route proves to be very popular and as a result the directors of Acabus put into place a 15-year plan to expand the company further and develop new methods of serving the community.

2005 - Acabus celebrates its 20th year of business with the company looking healthier than ever

2008 - An economic recession affects the industry, while other companies suffer, Acabus manages to weather the economic storm but is not immunue and the 15-year plan is scaled back.

2010 - With economic recovery looking just around the corner, Acabus is primed to expand and build upon its outstanding and professional service. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversay later in the year and prospects are looking rosy!